Tips and tricks for how to make an easy, kid-friendly brunch board.

Spring is here and what better way to celebrate than with family and food. That’s why we created an epic brunch charcuterie board to bring the two together. It’s simple to create, and easily customized based on your family’s preferences.

Don’t like waffles? Swap them for pancakes. Substitute bacon for plant-based sausage. Switch maple syrup for whipped cream…the options are endless!

Better yet, there’s not a ton of cooking involved, and you can easily use pre-made brunch items if you so choose, like cooked hard boiled eggs or freezer waffles. Whether you create your Spring Brunch Board for a fancy springtime tea party, or a fun Sunday brunch at home, it comes together quickly, and is sure to impress.

So hop on board (pun totally intended!) the charcuterie board trend, and treat your family to a special brunch to celebrate Spring.

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