These self-care ideas and tips for busy moms will ease your exhaustion, recharge your tank and help you unwind. Don’t miss the free printable self-care checklist! #careofpartner

Remember the days before kids when you had time to read a book, workout 5 days a week, take long baths and drink your coffee while it was still hot?

Now as a busy mom, your to-do list is always a mile-long, and you’re constantly juggling your needs with those of your kids, your partner, your relatives, your friends, your pets, your neighbors, and other loved ones in your life.

And unfortunately, we know all too well that your place on the list is usually alllll the way at the bottom.

It’s funny because most of us know we should be taking better care of ourselves – that a little self-care makes us a better parent – it’s just the HOW and the WHEN that we get tripped up on.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Care/of, the leader in personalized daily vitamin packs, to help you learn how to practice self-care, and provide over 80 self-care ideas that can help reenergize, refuel and reset your mind and body.

Some of the ideas can be done in as little as a few minutes, others require a longer amount of time – but with a little added effort, all of them will help you take better care of yourself, and thereby equip you to take better care of your family as well.

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