Want better answers to “what did you do today at school”? Try these questions to ask your kids to get to know them + stay connected. And grab our free printable to create your very own After School Question Jar!

How many times have you asked your kids after school, “how was your day?”, only to be met with a one-word answer like “fine” or “good”…or perhaps even just a shoulder shrug?
Well, no more!
We’ve teamed up with Sunbelt Bakery, one of our go-to brands for after-school snacks, to bring you a free printable list of over 60 clever questions to ask your kids that will really get them talking. Plus, a fun way to present the questions, by making your very own After School Question Jar.
By asking more detailed, engaging questions, your kids will be more descriptive about their day, and conversations will start to flow. Having this open communication is so important, as not only can you get clues into any potential concerns at school, but your child will feel valued and loved.
Scroll down to get the free printable After School Questions, in both list and jar format.
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