This New Year’s, rather than making personal goals or individual resolutions, shift your focus and set some family goals instead. We’ve provided a huge list of family goals examples, plus a free printable goal setting template to help.

The New Year is a great time to begin setting family goals – resolutions that you and your kids can strive to achieve together, working as a team.

You may wonder, “why is goal setting with families so important?”. Well, the beauty of family goals is that you have a built-in support system to motivate and encourage one another, which not only helps you reach them, but can strengthen family bonds and relationships in the process. Additionally, it’s a way for us as parents to teach our kids how to set goals, stay on course, recover from any setbacks, and celebrate our achievements – all amazing life skills.

We’ve partnered with Guiding Stars, a program that helps your family easily choose foods and recipes with the most nutrition (because let’s face it, a top goal for all families should be good nutrition!) to walk you through the process of how to set these resolutions, plus provide a huge list of examples of good family goals that can help spark your thinking.

And we’ll even provide an awesome free printable family goals template so you can write down your goals on paper, making it easy for everyone to reference and hold yourselves accountable!

Whether you call them New Year’s Resolutions or not, read on for 25 family goal ideas that you and your crew can work towards this upcoming year.

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