Looking to put a personal touch on your child’s birthday this year by making them a homemade cake, but worried you don’t have the time or ability?

We promise it can be done, and it doesn’t have to be stressful!

The key is to pick a cake that doesn’t involve a lot of fancy decorating techniques, and can be pulled off without a lot of hours or effort.

We’ve pulled together an epic list of the best easy birthday cake ideas that anyone can make.

Whether you’re a true beginner or have a few cakes under your belt, these creative cake decorating ideas won’t take a lot of time or skill (no fondant!), but the result will be spectacular.

From cakes decorated with candy or cookies, to non-traditional cakes made with donuts or pancakes, you’re sure to find an idea that will knock your kids’ socks off!

We hope the only overwhelming thing about making your kids’ birthday cake, is choosing which one to go with!

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