Looking for the best fun card games for kids for some good ol’ screen free entertainment? We’ll show you how to play 20 different card games using a simple deck of playing cards that are easy enough for your kids to learn and enjoy. From those geared towards toddlers (hello, War!) to more strategic card games for tweens and teens, you’re bound to find a new favorite card game with this best-of-the-best list.

It’s amazing how many different card games you can play with a classic 52-card deck! But which card games are age-appropriate for your kids? Which ones are good for 2 people to play? Or 3 players? And which can be enjoyed by the whole family?

We’ve done the leg work for you to answer these questions, by pulling together a list of the best card games for kids – where we not only teach you how to play, but also outline the recommended age, number of players, and even provide an online tutorial.

These classic card games can help your kids beat boredom any time of year – they’re perfect to play outside in the summer (bring a deck of cards to the beach or on your next camping trip for hours of fun!), but also for when the family is stuck inside during the cold winter months.

They’re also great games to play on family game night, and can be an amazing bonding experience for siblings to be able to play together. Many can even help sharpen your kids strategic thinking and math skills. And best of all, these simple card games are screen-free fun!

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