This Night Time Routine Checklist will change everything! Use the chart with kids from toddlers to teens to establish strong bedtime habits.

Do you dread putting your kids to bed every night? Is it a terribly slow and painful process? Do you constantly have to nag them to move from one task to the next?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, or if you’d like your child to start being more independent with their existing routine, we have a great tool for you to try.

Our free printable Bedtime Routine Chart will help your child establish a strong natural routine before they go to bed. Not only will it reduce the hand holding and time spent getting them tucked in for the night, but it will give them a sense of accomplishment, and having this structured routine will ultimately result in them falling asleep faster too.

This free checklist is completely customizable to your family’s night time routine, and visually shows your child what tasks they need to do next.

Your kids can easily stay on track, and work towards completing their chart by themselves. This will relieve a lot of stress for you both, and help set-up a more relaxed, calming environment that leads to sleep!

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